Photobook Presentation

The photobook was one of our last projects and in reality is a composition of all of our previous projects. It displays the best of our past projects and shows what we are capable of doing in the future. It has been one of my favorite experiences creating this photobook.

My photobook really plays off of the nature elements that I love using. I used Bodoni and Avenir Next as my two fonts. It was made in InDesign and I edited all my photos in Photoshop.




Tutorial: Ghosting

For this tutorial it was really interesting to put together. I am not one who generally likes giving tutorials but this one wasn’t as bad except adding music to the video. That did not go over well for me. I really enjoy taking long exposure photos so this is something that is really interesting for me.

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Photobook: Cover, Table of Contents, First Spread, Professional Page

This week I started the design of my Photobook. Since I am a very simplistic person and like nice clean lines, that came out a lot in my book.

These first two images are the cover of my book. The first is the front, the second is the back.







The next image is my first spread. I used my Bannack fine art photos for these.


These last two images are my table of contents and my professional page. I kept the theme of continuing on in these pages, The left side on the table of contents and the right on the professional page.